Guide To Buying Life Insurance

When faced with so many different life insurance companies offering a huge range of different types of life insurance policy it can be somewhat overwhelming. For many when faced with this mountain of information and choice the simplest solution is to enlist the services of an Independent Financial Adviser – however for many this just simply isn’t an option.

Below we have pulled together some useful hints and tips for when you are searching online for health insurance:

Do Your Research

Don’t settle on the first life insurance policy you come across – do your homework and shop around for the best life insurance deal that not only meets your needs but does so at a competitive price. And remember – it’s not just life insurance companies that sell life insurance! Competitive life insurance quotes can be obtained form a whole host of sources from banks and building societies to supermarkets and high street stores!

Use A Broker

If you are shopping online for your life insurance policy then going via a broker may be a very wise move. Not only can they often secure you a very good deal but they often pay you some or all of the commission they receive from insurance companies.

Price Comparison Websites

Use price comparison sites when searching for life insurance. This is often the simplest and quickest way to compare quotes from a  huge number of life insurance companies – you enter your details once and the comparison site does all the hard work for you! However we would recommend that you use more than one comparison website as not all life insurance companies are listed on any one comparison site, and the prices quoted from the same company can differ from one comparison website to another.

Cashback Websites

When buying life insurance online cashback sites such as “Quidco” can save you some real money on your insurance policy – essentially the cashback site gives you a proportion of the “referral fee” it receives from the life insurance company you select. Again as with price comparison sites check out the different cashback values given by different cashback sites. The same insurance provider may offer a higher level of cashback via one site than it does with another.