General Advice On Buying Critical Illness Insurance

Below are just a few things you should take into account when buying critical illness insurance;

Seek Specialist Advice

From one life insurance company to another the cover offered by each policy varies hugely, so it is always advisable to buy critical illness insurance either through a broker or financial adviser.

Devils in the Detail

When you’re selecting your critical illness insurance policy you really need to consider factors such as;

  • What conditions are and are not covered?
  • What value of cover do you need (don’t over or under estimate!)?
  • What should be the duration of the policy?
  • Should you combine critical illness cover with life insurance?
  • Is critical illness the right policy for you or should you consider other options such as “Income Protection Policy”?


If you are already suffering from a critical condition there is no point in buying critical illness cover as it will NOT pay-out. You can even be refused cover if at some point in the past you saw a Doctor about a health issue that later turned out to be critical. Even testing for a critical condition can lead to your cover being refused.

Insurance Companies Need to Know Everything

When you are applying for critical illness, as with any type of insurance, you must tell the insurer everything – leave nothing out and make sure your information is accurate. Any oversights, or mistakes can result in a future claim being turned down.